Journey of my Soul-Let Go of fear!!! 5July2013

Life is full of experiences; it is all a game of consciousness
My experience 20Dec 2012 4am

We have just experienced an ordeal, my heart is jumping as I write this note. I am @ my sister’s place, where. I am visiting. At about 2:30, I was woken up by a big bang, a light above my head and a long black hand in my face. It was a thief trying to break through my window. This is the 3rd attempt since I have been here. This guest room I am in is called ‘ezulwini’ ( heaven) because it is extremely peaceful, quiet and cool. Now I see that the evil spirit is trying by all means to disturb my peace. God gave me strength to sneak out of bed, run upstairs to wake my sister up. We looked through the window from the living room and saw the guy with the cell phone light on and a woman’s shadow against the wall. We kept quiet and just watched shaking our heads. He felt our presence & pointed the light our direction, hiding his face with the other hand at the same time. My sister(a very brave lady) shouted, ‘kwenzenjani?’(what is the matter?) They ran away. We went outside, me following behind, my heart jumping, stomach turning and my big eyes popping out. We found a broken window handle and a long stick on the floor. They couldn’t go further beyond the steel burglar guards. When we went back inside my room downstairs, on my pillow were two presents from special friends (a wooden cross and an the empty gift box) dropped from the window seal. My heart jumping I am saying inside ‘thank you God, you do this all the time’ though darkness walks near, waiting for a chance, God is always inside,with His veil of protection all around. ELSHEDAI!!!! God is with us.!

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