30July 4h30 Expressions of Self Love

Because I retired early last night, trying to listen to my body that was full of flue; I automatically woke up early, at about 2h30

I made sure to start by listening again, even to the rhythm of my breath. Decided to do some self work; alternate nostril breathing, solar plexus activation, listening to BurtHarding’s presentation on the love topic and began to share with those who crossed my mind.

Before I knew it, I was flossing & brushing my teeth, smeared my face with olive oil, the next minute I was preparing myself a magic gluten free sandwich with a full sized tomato, mashed dahl & potato with himalaya salt. My heart humming in gratitude, giving glory to God for the gift of love. I had 4cups of rooibos tea with stevia sweetener, one after the other. (Didn’t feel like drinking water but hoped to drink it later)

Quietly began to tidy up the kitchen, packed some dishes and soaked the towels in jik and surf.

Back to bed, going through my assignment and doing some research on the quality management topic.

‘This love’ has shown me the wonderful gift of time that I possess which I must always be grateful for.

Thank you God for the gift of time.

No matter how much life throws my way, love keeps showing me its beauty.

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