Spiritual Hangout Report 1Feb 2014


1st Spiritual Hangout in 2014: Thank you to all the friends & family that attended the 1st 2014 Spiritual Hangout on the 1st of Feb. After closure at 7pm, we carried on until 22:00 with those who arrived late. That shows how much these kinds dialogues are needed in our world today.

We really appreciate your time. Someone said ‘the greatest gift anyone could give you is their time’. So thank you dear friends & family.

For those who couldn’t make it, there is always a next time.

As promised, we are forwarding to all Spiritual Hangout members; video clips and links of the ideas of the self-healing modalities we discussed(Ho’ponoono, EFT Tapping on meridians, Holy Science, TRE, Gratitude, etc.)

In Ho’ponoono, Dr Len says, “whatever u want to improve in your life, look within and let the God-self do the healing. For any outward experience, ask yourself, “how am I creating this experience inside of me” & heal the part inside that’s creating the outside you don’t like.

In our Spiritual Hangout, the theme we were exploring was: “Understanding & Knowledge Set the Heart Free & Ease the Mind”

Later in the night we did try to explore the Christ Conscious Teachings in relation to the lives we are leading. That teared our emotions apart and left us even more hungry for THE TRUTH about the ‘Purpose of Life’

In summary, we managed to touch on multiple subjects like: Forgiveness & Justice, Healing, Yoga & Meditation, Money, Jews, Africans, Culture, Life Purpose, Vegetarian Lifestyle, HIV & Aids, Unity in Diversity, Holy Science, Jesus, The Meaning of Life, Finding Oneself, Joy & Happiness & Freedom, Our On-ness with all life(including nature & the animal kingdom)

We got carried away and we forgot one important thing, ‘to collect donations.’
We highly appreciate your donation, it’ll go a long way.

(Lack & relationship with money is a big one we’re healing)

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We’ll let you know of the next Spiritual Hangout & it’s theme. I suspect it will be somewhere around the relationship between Religion, Spirituality & Holy Science

Have a super day & continue to heal your life!!!