1st September 7am-Self Management and Fulfilment

thank you for everything you have shared. In my contemplation this morning, while I was singing,I had this message to give to myself and I would like to share it with you.                            1Sep 7am
The best use of my time for the next 3days:
1pm – 12midnight = 12hrs
6am – 12noon.      =   6:rs
Remaining.      =   6hrs
Days b4 exams=   3

For use in study/revision/retaining
18X3 =  54hrs
Plan is to keep the focus by using every hour of the 54 remaining hrs to do any of the following:
- think about anything I remember ever learning in my MBA in Music & dot it down as I understand it
- revisit any of the 3 case studies I am analyzing for exam prep under MPP, MPSP, MFR, & include PD
- move the eyes over the diagrams of common business models & concepts that come to mind like ADO, Six Sigma, (add)etc
- for the MFR module, write down anything I understand for sure & do some practice, then add in small chunks any new information that hasn’t sunk in very well
- Visit each of the 4 main books & look & the contents in the chapters list  to get the feel of what information is the book structured to give me
- take slow deep breaths, relax & be content with what I have managed to understand & retain & trust the process & the ability of my own mind to unfold as natural as possible; while I enjoy every hour of the 54hrs in these 3 remaining days of revision
- let everyone close to me in the family know that this is what the plan is for my time & trust that they will try their best to support me & not digress or deviate.
- create a clear mental picture of how I move from one book to the other; to read, listen, practice, write, scan, organize/group info, record, read aloud record & listen, research, prioritize, rest/pleasure, test, summaries, etc(do anything that comes to mind with ease)
- I remind myself to feel joy in it all
- I remove the expectations of the results,  knowing that whatever result will come will be the perfect result
-  spend @least the 1st hour of each each day in song&gratitude; sing sing sing from the deepest part of my heart & keep radiating JOY

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